Navigational Aids and Weather

The Breakwall...43° 22.5N x 78° 11.36W
Break Wall Light B (F1 W 6s)
30 ft. height, 9-mile visibility
U.S. Light List No. 2365

Distances to nearby ports in Nautical Miles:
Cobourg 35  Click for Kent, New York Forecast
Olcott 23 
Rochester 29 
Sodus Bay 53 
Toronto 53 
Wilson 29 
Youngstown 40 


Depth of Water

23 N To 37N

This is a conversion chart for latitude numbers to a depth of water. 

These are approximate figures.

Of course, this will change both east and west of the Oak.

For accurate info for the area your fishing, purchase a nautical chart…

North Lat LineApproximate
Depth of Water

If you continue north and numbers keep dropping do a 180, unless you have a Canadian liscense.



To The East

(Distance and longitude are approximate)

Ladders… also known as the white steps… ½ mile east of the harbor (around 11W)

Umbrella Tree…tree on shore that resembles an umbrella… 1 ½ miles east of the harbor (around 09W)

The Ledge… east of the harbor, starting at the ladders, running east for 4 or 5 miles… steep drop-off 50’ to much deeper (thru the years, the adjacent deeper waters has been a prime staging area for fall chinooks)

The Flats… 2 to 4 miles east of harbor, big flats closest to river (around 06W to 07W)

Little Flats and Glass House… a short ways east of big flats with big house on shore with many windows (around 03W to 04W)

Bald Eagle Marina…8 miles east of the Oak (around 01W)

Troutburg… small bay about ½ mile west of Devils Nose (around 78.00W)

Devils Nose… large point a couple miles east of Bald Eagle Marina (dangerous… Big rocks in shallow waters out for several hundred yards)


To The West

(Distance and longitude are approximate)

The Woods…small wooded point, 1 mile west of the harbor (around 12.5W)

The Park… Lakeside Beach State Park, just west of the Pump House (around 14W or 15W)

Johnsons Creek… 3 miles west of the Oak… be careful on shallow spring trolls (around 16W)

The Bluffs… a little further west (around 17W)

Green Harbor… another ½ mile or so further west of Johnsons creek… another shoal in about 8’ of water, about 5 miles west of the Oak (around 18W)

Shadigee Point… about 10 miles west (around 24W)

Chrome Dome… big silver topped silos 2 miles west of Shadigee Point (good area between here and Shadigee point for LOC Spring Derby kings) (around 26W)

Golden Hill… State Park with boat launch, a few miles further west (park located on RT. 18, less pressure on spring kings) (around 28.5 W)

The Power Plant… 20 miles west of the Oak (around 31W)


To The North

(Distance and heading are approximate)

Weather Buoy… aka “the can”… 43.36.30N X 78.13.58W, about 16 miles at about 350° heading

The Fence… the US/Canadian border… about 15 miles or so straight north, at about the 37.8 N line



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Oak Orchard Yacht Club
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Lodging & Dining

4 C's Marina
Black North Inn
Dollinger's Motel & Motor Inn

Area Attractions

 Cobblestone Museum
Greater Rochester Visitors Association
Hickory Ridge Golf Club
 Hurd Orchards
Kirbys Farm Market
Lynoaken Farms  
 Niagara Falls Region
 Roberts Farm Market

Misc. Links of Interest

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